Iron in dream. To dream of Iron

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Iron in dream
  • To dream of iron, is a harsh omen of distress.
  • To feel an iron weight bearing you down, signifies mental perplexities and material losses.
  • To strike with iron, denotes selfishness and cruelty to those dependent upon you.
  • To dream that you manufacture iron, denotes that you will use unjust means to accumulate wealth.
  • To sell iron, you will have doubtful success, and your friends will not be of noble character.
  • To see old, rusty iron, signifies poverty and disappointment.
  • To dream that the price of iron goes down, you will realize that fortune is a very unsafe factor in your life.
  • If iron advances, you will see a gleam of hope in a dark prospectus.
  • To see red-hot iron in your dreams, denotes failure for you by misapplied energy.



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