Milk in dream. To dream of Milk

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To dream of Milk
  • To dream of drinking milk, denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a traveler, it foretells a fortunate voyage. This is a very propitious dream for women.
  • To see milk in large quantities, signifies riches and health.
  • To dream of dealing in milk commercially, denotes great increase in fortune.
  • To give milk away, shows that you will be too benevolent for the good of your own fortune.
  • To spill milk, denotes that you will experience a slight loss and suffer temporary unhappiness at the hands of friends.
  • To dream of impure milk, denotes that you will be tormented with petty troubles.
  • To dream of sour milk, denotes that you will be disturbed over the distress of friends.
  • To dream of trying unsuccessfully to drink milk, signifies that you will be in danger of losing something of value or the friendship of a highly esteemed person.
  • To dream of hot milk, foretells a struggle, but the final winning of riches and desires.
  • To dream of bathing in milk, denotes pleasures and companionships of congenial friends.



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