Lion in dream. To dream of Lion

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Lion in dream
  • To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you.
  • If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement.
  • If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies.
  • To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition.
  • To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably regarded by women.
  • To see young lions, denotes new enterprises, which will bring success if properly attended.
  • For a young woman to dream of young lions, denotes new and fascinating lovers.
  • For a woman to dream that she sees Daniel in the lions' den, signifies that by her intellectual qualifications and personal magnetism she will win fortune and lovers to her highest desire.
  • To hear the roar of a lion, signifies unexpected advancement and preferment with women.
  • To see a lion's head over you, showing his teeth by snarls, you are threatened with defeat in your upward rise to power.
  • To see a lion's skin, denotes a rise to fortune and happiness.
  • To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties.
  • To dream you are defending your children from a lion with a pen-knife, foretells enemies will threaten to overpower you, and will well nigh succeed if you allow any artfulness to persuade you for a moment from duty and business obligations.



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