Lark in dream. To dream of Lark

Miller's dream book
Lark in dream
  • To see larks flying, denotes high aims and purposes through the attainment of which you will throw off selfishness and cultivate kindly graces of mind.
  • To hear them singing as they fly, you will be very happy in a new change of abode, and business will flourish.
  • To see them fall to the earth and singing as they fall, despairing gloom will overtake you in pleasure's bewildering delights.
  • A wounded or dead lark, portends sadness or death.
  • To kill a lark, portends injury to innocence through wantonness.
  • If they fly around and light on you, Fortune will turn her promising countenance towards you.
  • To catch them in traps, you will win honor and love easily.
  • To see them eating, denotes a plentiful harvest.



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