Abandon in dream. To dream of Abandon

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Abandon in dream
  • To dream that you are abandoned, denotes that you will have difficulty in framing your plans for future success.
  • To abandon others, you will see unhappy conditions piled thick around you, leaving little hope of surmounting them.
  • If it is your house that you abandon, you will soon come to grief in experimenting with fortune.
  • If you abandon your sweetheart, you will fail to recover lost valuables, and friends will turn aside from your favors.
  • If you abandon a mistress, you will unexpectedly come into a goodly inheritance.
  • If it is religion you abandon, you will come to grief by your attacks on prominent people.
  • To abandon children, denotes that you will lose your fortune by lack of calmness and judgment.
  • To abandon your business, indicates distressing circumstances in which there will be quarrels and suspicion. (This dream may have a literal fulfilment if it is impressed on your waking mind, whether you abandon a person, or that person abandons you, or, as indicated, it denotes other worries.)
  • To see yourself or friend abandon a ship, suggests your possible entanglement in some business failure, but if you escape to shore your interests will remain secure.



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